Biodynamics is a step further than organic farming, in fact not only excludes the use of chemical fertilizers and synthesis, but even seeks to regenerate the soil and the plants through biological activators that help them find their nourishment in the ground.

Plants are considered in the overall context of nature and the energies they receive from the earth and the air, from rain and wind, from light and heat, from the sun and the moon, from planets and stars, in short, the plants live in a microcosm, but they are part of the cosmic system. If these factors are harmonically balanced, the plant grows in health and lush up to its maximum potential, and gives a good food, rich in flavors and healthy.

Natural feeding of plants

The nutrients mainly contained in the soil humus, are retained by the colloids and are absorbed by the thin roots of the plant only when the plant metabolism, activated by the heat of the sun, indicates its actual need.

The water present in the soil, poor instead of soluble minerals, it is continuously absorbed by the big and vertical roots, to replace what the plant has lost through perspiration. In this way the plant reaches equilibrium because it absorbs the nutrients only according to its real need , dictated by natural rhythms impressed by the sun.

On the contrary, instead with the use of water-soluble fertilizers, plants are forced to take mineral salts regardless of their real needs, thus compromising their physiological balance.

The biodynamic preparations

500 – Also horn-manure, is the most powerful activator existing soil fertility. Sprayed on moist soil, it develops microbial activity, levels of humus and root growth, favoring a better soil structure , making them richer in living biological substances. It is made from cow dung, stored for six months underground in a cow’s horn.

501 – Said the preparation of light, is used to bring more light on the plants and to eliminate excess water. The plants become more crisp, the products are tastier, sweeter and are preserved longer. The 501 is made of quartz crystals.

Composting preparations , 502-507 are made from specially prepared plant material and are used in manure heaps and added to the 500 to do what is called 500 prepared, a 500 enhanced.

The natural vinification

Doing farming following the biodynamic method has made it possible to see the production process with different eyes. Bringing more balanced grapes to maturity and thanks to biodynamics , has led us to look for a winemaking method that would keep them faithful and complete the characteristics. And so, from year to year, we have started to eliminate enological adjuvants </ strong> such as enzymes, tannins and selected yeasts.

It is always the observation that drives our choices. As for the winery we have seen and felt that our grapes needed a less vigorous, more gentle and focused management. Hence the idea of ​​using small 10 Hl containers for fermentation – where the temperature naturally remains lower during the vinification process – and the manual, less invasive pumping over, precisely to guarantee a better extraction of the polyphenolic components.

The grapes are harvested by hand in small boxes to prevent them from being damaged during transport. Upon arrival at the winery they are de-stemmed and from this moment onwards, each tank follows its course without pre-established protocol constraints that mark the fermentation times.

Our role has become that of sensitive interpreters who, thanks to modern knowledge, can manage fermentation in a non-invasive way, giving the consumer authentic wines ambassadors of the territory , born from an exclusively natural process.

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