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Worldwide opportunities on organic farms (wwoof)

Wwoof is a worldwide network, carried by the idea to bring people together who want to live connected to nature – or who want to explore this. It is an exchange of experiences on both sides. So you got the possibility to get knowledge about organic farming, gardening and self-supply from the farmers you meet; you get to know new friends, the culture of foreign countries and the languages. The farmers themselves have through this program as well the possibility to meet people from all over the world, always a “fresh wind” at the farm and at least more helping hands with everything what has need to be done.

We here from the Masini winery are curious about everyone who wants to spend time with us.
We grow on 16 hectares wines and olives and we are underlining the organic (biodynamic) approach not just in the growing of the wines, then in general in the maintaining of nature, the treatment of people and animals and also in the wine production.
The wwoofers have an own apartment which is shared with some workers, who are living as well on the farm.  We share a big kitchen and bathroom. Nearby the farm is a train station (San Miniato Fucecchio) with a connection to Pisa, Florence and Siena. So you can explore during your stay the beautiful landscape and the sights of Tuscany.
You are interested?  So sign in at the link below (www.wwoof.it) and register yourself as a wwoofer.
We are looking forward to meet you!


Here is a little checklist for you as a new wwoofer:

How can I get to your farm? Can you pick me up?

The farm is 7 km away from the trainstation San Miniato Fucecchio. If you will arrive by train, and you name us your arrival time, we can pick you up there. The next airport (45 km) is Pisa Galileo Galilei.  

What shall I bring with me?

You do not need any special things than just that what you want to bring with you. So, you do not need a tent or something like this. If you want to have a ride through the hills of Tuscany you can bring your bike with you. There is the possibility to put it in a closed place.

How do I live?

You are living in an own apartment upstairs the wineshop and office on our vineyard together with other wwoofers and workers of the farm. We have a big kitchen we share and a big bathroom. There are two bedrooms for the wwoofers (one with three beds, and one with four beds). A well trained dog lives as well in the apartment.

Is there telephone so that I can be called or call someone as well?

Yes, we have a farm cellphone and a phone in the office, also a fax and WiFi connection in the appartment.

Can I welcome friends to visit me?

Yes, after clarifying with the farm manager it is possible to invite friends.

May I smoke in the house?

No, smoking in the house is not allowed. But outside is nice weather, so there is downstairs a lot of possibilities

How are the meals? What if I am vegetarian, vegan, have allergies?

We are buying our food ourselves in a supermarket nearby, so we can chose on our own, what we want to eat. Also the cooking we are doing ourselves. The farm is paying for the food (alcohol, sweets and coca cola or something near it won’t be payed by the farm)

How are the facilities, can I reach another village, city, can I rent a car?

The farm is settled on a hill in the countryside. The next village (city) is Ponte a Elsa, San Miniato or Empoli. You can reach them by food. Ponte a Elsa and Empoli have omnibus and train connection as well. The cities Pisa, Florence and Siena are each about one hour drive (by car or by train) away. We have a farm car here, so that you can have a lift to a train station nearby.

What can I do in my free time?

Tuscany is a very pretty region with a lot of spots to explore (cities like Pisa, Florence, Siena, San Giminiano, Volterra or Lucca). But also our winery is a beautiful place and offers a lot of nice niches to sit down, read a book, play the guitar, drink a glass of wine together with the other people within a beautiful surrounding. Also during the summer season there is nearby a disco with dance evenings two times a week.

How long and how often do I work?

We are working with you six hours a day, weekend is off. The working time depends on the season, because we prefer to start work early when it is during the summer very hot outside.

What will be my work, and what can I learn?

We work with you in the winefields for pruning and working with the wires which later should support the plants carrying the heavy grapes. Also during the harvest later in the year we work with you to harvest olives. You learn a lot about the agriculture leaning on the biodinamic approach of the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the organic wine growing and production, the treatment of nature with respect and living in harmony with people, animals and plants.

Also, to meet people from all over the world is a great experience what extends your horizon and let you learn a lot about different kinds of cultures, sharing and in the end also about yourself.

What kind of clothes should I take with me?

For the work we offer you shoes and tools you need. Just take clothes with you which can become dirty, because you are working outside. But we have a washing machine as well.

Buon divertimento!




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