After a walk through the vineyards and a visit to the cellar and the barrique room, we offer a guided tasting of oils and wines to let you discover the secrets of biodynamic art.
You can choose between two types of tasting:
• Small samples with cold cuts, cheeses and seasonal vegetables. From € 25 per person;
• Lunch with appetizer, first course and dessert. From € 35 per person.

Truffle tour

San Miniato is a land of truffles and throughout the year we organize truffle hunting with the specially trained dog. Afterwards, we all go to the winery to discover the secrets of biodynamic vinification, to end up in the kitchen talking about the truffle and its secrets and learning how to cook it according to tradition. Last but not least, wine and truffle all together around the table (Only tasting small appetizers with truffle € 70, with lunch € 120 per person)

Experience and harvest

Savor the taste of the harvest as it once was. All together, young and old, for a unique experience that leaves an indelible memory in the memory of those who live it

Experience in the kitchen

With the landlady, Maria Paoletti, to teach a simple cuisine, made of genuine flavors, lost or sometimes forgotten, always easily repeatable dishes at home. Visit to the vineyards and cellar. At the end, lunch or dinner with dishes prepared together, accompanied by our wines. Duration around half a day (60 €, minimum 3 people and maximum 6 people, for 2 people 140 €)


Lunch or dinner in our country-villa with the owner for conversation regarding customs and practices of food and wine, and to go into more depth on various culinary traditions; not just that, a way of living the life of a bourgeois Italian Tuscan family and with a small introduction to wine and biodynamics (from €70 to €100 per person, depending on the menu, with music available for an extra charge).